Success through marriage.

Can one really reach success through magic or marriage? I believe no you cant, if one would receive wealth through marriage,luck, or magic is that really reaching success, No it isn’t success is measured by the hard work and effort one had to put forth to achieve that success if wealth and the easy life is just handed to someone did they really gain anything from it or do they just stay the same and not grow as a person. If a man or woman works hard and builds themselves up to the point where they can live happily then they have achieved success, they have built themselves up through hard work and bettered themselves and grew as a human being. How can you grow without trials and tribulations in front of you to force you to grow to meet them, if anything the prince’s are the ones who display the drive to conquer any challenge placed in front of them to get the princess in the case of Cinderella the prince only has her shoe to find her and goes through the entire kingdom to find his one true love and this in my mind is an example of a true success.


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