Snow White


When we look at Grimms “Snow White” we can see a few clear differences and a many similarities. There are many common repeating themes in both the Grimm and GDR Snow White, such as the theme of innocence putting one at risk, the motif that when the dwarves come into the story they take the spotlight and become the main characters, and the theme that power in a woman makes her evil. In the GDR Snow White one big difference is that they don’t kill the evil queen at the end by making her dance in red hot iron shoes like in the Grimm version, instead they just banish her and make her fear being fed a poison apple. Another difference is that they give the prince more of a role giving him small roles here and their instead of just making him a silent protagonist. In my opinion the original is the best out of all of the Snow White’s because it show’s its moral lesson without being swept up by any singing, little animals, or without shortening any of it’s material/ adding new material.


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