For my Japanese culture project I am going to cosplay as Jace Belerand from “Magic the Gathering”. This may change but I am doing a cosplay and am fairly sure this is who it is going to be, I have some experience in cosplay and a few of my friends are going to help me gather the supplies and make the outfit. There are many do it yourself cosplays online however we already have rough idea on how we are going to make this outfit and plan on gathering the materials shortly, we plan on using the goodwill in Finksburg a lot so costs should be fairly low. With the help of my friends it shouldn’t take long and we already have an image we are basing the cosplay off of(see pic below).

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Red Riding Hood

For my blog I chose this variation of Red riding hood it is a social cartoon using Chris Hansen from “to catch a predator” to show how the wolf is luring red riding hood to her doom through false pretenses, I found this to be quite funny poking fun at the ludicrous situation that red riding hood has gotten herself into through chatting with someone she doesn’t know thus showing her naivety and innocence to the point of it becoming a danger to her.


Frog Prince

There are some very clear differences between the Greek “Cupid and Psyche” and the Grimm’s “Princess and the Frog”
First and foremost the Brothers Grimm took away all references to the gods in the Greek tale such as Venus and Jupiter replacing them with a witch. Also in the place of Cupid being the “Beast” that the princess must live with┬áthe Grimms added in the Frog Prince in his place to symbolize inward versus outward beauty. The Brothers Grimm also added the prince’s loyal servant Heinrich and the three iron bands placed around his heart to show the goodness of the prince, showing that the prince was such a good soul the servant needed iron bands placed around his heart to contain it from bursting when the prince was turned into a frog.

Snow White


When we look at Grimms “Snow White” we can see a few clear differences and a many similarities. There are many common repeating themes in both the Grimm and GDR Snow White, such as the theme of innocence putting one at risk, the motif that when the dwarves come into the story they take the spotlight and become the main characters, and the theme that power in a woman makes her evil. In the GDR Snow White one big difference is that they don’t kill the evil queen at the end by making her dance in red hot iron shoes like in the Grimm version, instead they just banish her and make her fear being fed a poison apple. Another difference is that they give the prince more of a role giving him small roles here and their instead of just making him a silent protagonist. In my opinion the original is the best out of all of the Snow White’s because it show’s its moral lesson without being swept up by any singing, little animals, or without shortening any of it’s material/ adding new material.


FYS Week 6

When looking at my fellow bloggers posts i very much enjoyed their use of pictures to illustrate their topics, it helps to create a visual representation of their topic in my mind. I also see how they expand on their subject on in a much more thorough way then i do and will use these examples in the future to base my works off of and will grow as a writer because of it. This gives me a peer review mechanism to compare my own works to and help bring them to the level of my fellow students. I particularly enjoyed mrturekgrimmtodisenyfys it was short and concise and yet still brought to light the required information with good visuals.


Success through marriage.

Can one really reach success through magic or marriage? I believe no you cant, if one would receive wealth through marriage,luck, or magic is that really reaching success, No it isn’t success is measured by the hard work and effort one had to put forth to achieve that success if wealth and the easy life is just handed to someone did they really gain anything from it or do they just stay the same and not grow as a person. If a man or woman works hard and builds themselves up to the point where they can live happily then they have achieved success, they have built themselves up through hard work and bettered themselves and grew as a human being. How can you grow without trials and tribulations in front of you to force you to grow to meet them, if anything the prince’s are the ones who display the drive to conquer any challenge placed in front of them to get the princess in the case of Cinderella the prince only has her shoe to find her and goes through the entire kingdom to find his one true love and this in my mind is an example of a true success.